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Back To 1938 Poster

Back To 1938 Poster

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Product features:

  • Satin picture finish on high-quality resin-coated photo base paper for a classy look

  • The widest possible color spectrum for bright, lifelike colors.

  • Outstanding visual resolution for clarity and sharpness Impressive dmax for deep blacks and good contrast.

  • 230 gsm weight; 9 mil base for durability.

  • Ships in a padded tube to ensure a secure delivery (Fast shipping from the USA).

  • 90 to 95 years if shown inside.

  • Perfect for keeping priceless memories or presenting artistic masterpieces, maintains quality for up to 5 years in direct sunshine.

  • Improve your photography with long-lasting, better quality.

  • UNFRAMED POSTER and there are 4 sizes: 12"x18"; 16"x24"; 24"x36" and 32"x48".

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